Issues you must know from around the world. 🌹🌏

Sometimes we're too busy and we missed things in life. This collection is all about raising awareness of issues that our society neglected.

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Issues you must know from around the world. 🌹🌏

Uighur: Repression, culture and race eradication in Xinjiang, China.

China has been supressing the right of Uighur, forcing them into labor camp, and limit their right of movement for decades. People should know that, chinese goverment's denial of this issue does not make sense, as facts and multple sources have been putting this issue as real as it is. 

Issues you must know from around the world. 🌹🌏

TikTok: A data collection app in disguise.

Emerged in the late June - early July this year, some researchers found out that TikTok has collected huge data on our devices, more than just what consent we've given to. In scarier scenario, it could and highly possible that the app can be secretly and remotey access the files in our phone. As scary is it sounds, the app can also remotely unpack compressed files into your device and remotely install any other hidden software that runs in the underlying TikTok app itselfs. 

IIpersonally have never installed this app. If you think this practice is wrong and you care about privacy. Please share this and inform someone about this issue. 

for more infos, you might search this yourself, but you can also read some articles on the news outlet below. 

Issues you must know from around the world. 🌹🌏

Israeli Occupation in Palestine

Palestine was once offered refuge for the Israeli that finally settled in the palestinian soil back in 1900's. Since then Israeli steadily annexed palestinian teritory and militarised the region, as the result, the palestinian's teritory has shrinked and some palestinian origin has to moved away from their own soil. Not to mention, the Israel military and government are using excessive force and resulted into thousands of casualties. That is also, include inhumane treatment, war crime and much more. According to Israeli has also violate such as: 

  • Unlawful killings
  • Freedom of movement, right to health
  • Arbitrary arrests and detentions
  • Children in custody
  • Torture and other ill-treatment, deaths in custody
  • Right to housing, forced evictions
  • Freedom of expression and association
  • Gender-based violence

To learn more about this issue, clink the link below.