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🕌 🇮🇩 🇩🇪 Tinkerer. Software Dev. Tech. Football.

Issues you must know from around the world. 🌹🌏

Sometimes we're too busy and we missed things in life. This collection is all about raising awareness of issues that our society neglected.

Image Make Over

After a year, I finally revamped my personal website. 
The new revamped site is based in Gatsby and hosted (built on) Netlify.

I'll make a dedicated blog post on how I finally used that stack.  

It still in progress to migrate some contents from my old website and blog.
However, I can't hold myself to publish it anyway, here we go 👇👇🏽 

Current reading list and recommendations 🚪

My reading list. Recommendations and discussion about the books you might have read. Let's share yours here!  

Football Stadium Ground-hoping ⚽️🏟

Often times, each stadium has its own story and unique character. This is a short summary of my journey visiting some stadiums around the globe. 

Podcasts I listen to. 🎙❤

Curation of my favourite podcasts. Updated occasionally. 

Past Works 👨‍💻💻

A collection of my past works and portfolios. The project I worked during my full time work and side projects. 

Blog / Journal

I found that writing is a way of meditate, even if it is not the best piece you might ever read, but you can read my articles / journals on :

I am happy to hear your feedback 😊 

My Personal Site

If you want to know more about me, visit my personal site :